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  • Namgrass Serenity

    With a luxurious 37mm pile height, Serenity is the softest artificial grass in the Namgrass range, as well as the most elegant. Ideal for family homes, our soft artificial grass makes a lawn ideal for family gardens where children will be playing outside.

  • Namgrass Burley

    If you’re looking for an authentic looking grass that is gorgeously soft and natural in colour, Burley is the one for you. This is a great choice for any landscaping project and will be perfect for families with pets.

  • Namgrass Sway

    Give your garden a more genuine look with Sway. This light, yet vibrant addition to the Namgrass Lifestyle range and is the perfect choice for those who are after a hard-wearing product with a well-used summer lawn look.

  • Namgrass Downton

    Take off your shoes and let your toes sink into our super soft Downton. With a deep curled thatch, rich multi-tonal fibres and a deep pile, this is the perfect choice for anyone that loves to spend lots of time in their garden.

  • Namgrass Kirkstall

    Keep active in the comfort of your own garden with this hard-wearing addition to the Namgrass Lifestyle range, Kirkstall. With a neat, natural appearance and a short pile, this is the perfect choice for busy families and pet owners.

  • Namgrass Meadow

    With a medium pile height, and unique curved yarns, Namgrass Meadow offers one of our most realistic looking lawns at an affordable price point. Using unique curled grass fibres means Meadow is extra soft to the touch, making it perfect for pampered pets and families alike.

  • Namgrass Exbury

    Make every day seem like the first day of spring with our vibrant Exbury. With a dense thatched construction, deep pile and fresh looking fibres, this is the perfect choice for a high-traffic, family garden.

  • Namgrass Eclipse

    Eclipse uses Namgrass’ curled fibre technology to create a bouncy, neat lawn with a natural look. Ideal for brightening up shaded lawns, Namgrass’ tuft-lock backing makes Eclipse hard-wearing, warrantyd to look good for years to come. Curved yarns also make Eclipse softer to the touch, so pets can play without getting muddy.

  • Namgrass Elise

    With a medium pile height, and high-density coverage, Elise is Namgrass’ recommended artificial grass for high traffic areas and commercial properties. Popular with pub landlords, bars, and public spaces, the high-density of grass in an Elise lawn makes it extremely hard-wearing and reliable.

  • Namgrass Vision

    Vision  is our most vibrant and fresh-looking artificial turf, using lighter yarns to create a family lawn that’s equally good for garden parties and playtime. With an even, medium pile, Vision is easy to maintain. With Namgrass Vision, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing muddy shoes or removing stubborn grass stains, so you can concentrate on having fun.

  • Trulawn Luxury

    Trulawn Luxury is our personal favourite as well as being one of our bestselling grasses. What sets it apart is its amazingly realistic appearance and the fact it’s made from 100% Polyethylene. Trulawn Luxury has a pile height of 32mm.

  • Trulawn Supreme

    Trulawn Supreme is super soft and super lush. We love its slightly longer 37mm pile height which gives it that spring meadow look all year round.

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