List of products by brand Luxigraze

Luxigraze Artificial Grass is manufactured by European, high tech machines, providing high quality grades of artificial grass that each come with a 10 year UV guarantee.

Luxigraze offers 5 ranges of quality artificial grass, each featuring different depths and thicknesses, designed for beautiful, low maintenance gardens. Luxigraze also provide its own range of accessories, designed to aid the simple installation and maintenance of Luxigraze artificial grass products.

  • Luxigraze 20 Premium

    With a shorter 20mm pile height, Luxigraze 20 Premium gives the appearance of a freshly cut lawn all year round. Ideal for roof terraces, patios, balconies and lawns. 

    Price per sqm.

  • Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury

    A top of the range, exceptionally lush artificial grass, Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury is a superior quality for garden lovers. Combining a dense deep pile, with natural looking multi green fibres, it is super soft yet super resilient, creating a luxurious lawn. Perfect for landscaping, gardens, schools and nurseries.

    Price per sqm.

  • Luxigraze 30 Luxury

    Luxigraze 30 Luxury is a luscious, soft artificial grass, designed to provide a beautiful, realistic looking lawn. The natural texture is created by the soft, yet hard wearing yarn, providing a luxurious feel, which is particularly suitable for children to play on. A perfect choice for lawns, schools and nurseries.. 

    Price per sqm.

  • Luxigraze 30 Premium

    For a natural looking lawn, Luxigraze 30 Premium is the perfect choice. Utilising soft and hard-wearing fibres, it is a realistic alternative to natural grass that looks and feels like the real thing! A popular choice for lawns, landscapes and schools. 

    Price per sqm.

  • Luxigraze 32 Luxury

    Luxigraze 32 Luxury is designed to look as stunning as natural turf. This high quality artificial grass is flexible and durable, creating a soft and comfortable feel underfoot. Transform your lawn, garden or play area with this versatile artificial grass.

    Price per sqm.